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How to Report Cheaters/Hackers
01-17-2017, 04:10 AM
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Star How to Report Cheaters/Hackers
When creating a thread reporting of a suspected hacker/abuser, title the thread like this "Name of player - Suspected Hacks/Abuse" for example Aqib - Mic Spam.
Please format your thread like the following:

Name of Offender:
Steam ID:
Server: (where they were caught hacking/abusing)
Time: (Time they were caught)
Demo: (link to demo file)
Snapshot: (link to picture file)
Witnesses: (Please provide any additional truthworthy players that witnessed the hacker/abuser and can corroborate your story
Rule broken: (What you suspected them of hacking with/abusing)
Additional Notes: (If you have anything to add, please say it here)

Not all information may apply but please remember that any and all info you can provide about the suspected hacker/abuser will be helpful in deciding their verdict/punishment.

[*]Recording a demo:-

  1. Press the ~ key on your keyboard to enter your console and type in "Record <name of demo>" without the quotes or arrows.
  2. While recording the demo, bring your console up and type in "status" to get a list of the players in the server with all their info including name and Steam-ID's.
  3. When you are done recording the demo open the console and type "Stop" without the quotes.
  4. The file will be saved in your cstrike folder within your Steam install folder. It will be called <name of file>.dem

[*]How to watch the demo:-
  • Place the '.dem file' in your cstrike folder.
  • Start your Counter-Strike.
  • Go to your console and type 'playdemo "name of the demo" (If the demo is very long and you want to skip to a certain part faster, use viewdemo instead of playdemo).

[*]Getting a player Steam-ID:-
  1. While the abuser is in-game, go to the console and type 'Status' it will provide you with all the players info.
  2. Search for the abuser steam-id, copy it and save it and thats how you get a player steamid.

[*]Uploading a Picture:-
Take the snapshot picture you took of the abusers steam ID and upload it to then post the direct link it gives you in your created thread.

[*]Uploading a demo:-
  • For larger demos it is recommended you first use a compression program such as WinRAR, Winzip, or 7zip to first compress your demo into either a zip or a rar file.
  • Upload the compressed file to either Mediafire Or Sendspace.

Note: Do not report evaders. Just call an staff/admin from the shoutbox or from your steam.

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