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Want to bhop ? take a look
01-21-2017, 09:22 AM
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Want to bhop ? take a look
you guys need to learn some basic before u can begin to bhop
well the thread is not made by me..its from the kreedz tutorials Tongue ?(copy paste Big Grin )


No matter if you want to play successfully or master hard trickjumps on the original maps, you obviously got to improve your movement and learn all the important techniques first. Most people are using "w-strafes" by nature, which means they hold w/their forward key while jumping and strafing this might work for some of the easy maps but in the long run these "w-strafes" are of no use. Therefore the first thing you got to learn is the Airstrafe:

To perform the Airstrafe correctly, you got to jump off and move your mouse to the same direction you are strafing at (to the right if you press D or to the left if you press A). Never touch the W key after jumping off, it will slow you down and change the direction!

Once you learned performing the Airstrafe correctly you will be able to easily beat the various numbers of 180-jumps in all


The Prestrafe is a technique/moves that accelerates you before you jump off, and allows you to jump farther, just as the Lonjump. You can jump a distance of 239 units without even strafing in the air (~Longjump), if the Prestrafe is performed with precision and skill. Learning the Prestrafe is much more important as learning to longjump for a beginner, because with a good Prestrafe you'll be able to beat the basic maps for beginners and maybe even jump up to 230-235 units.

And here is how it is done: (everything explained in the next sentences has to be performed on the ground!)

First of all: You got to start running straight forward by pressing the "W" key, diagonally to the edge of the block. After half of the distance you have to start pressing "D" or "A" (depends on the direction) as well, to start running a smooth curve. Keep holding both keys and continue running the curve as long as you are exactly above the edge of the block - in this very moment you got to release the "W" key and start jumping while still holding the "D" or "A" key which will devolve into the first (and for now the only) airstrafe.

Important: While performing all that you got to "aim" a curve with your mouse as well, means move your mouse together with the changing point of your view very smoothly (90� to the left or right, according to the direction). This will give you some extra acceleration and is very important for a good prestrafe. If you do it too fast or too slow you won't get the acceleration and it might even slow you down! This is one of the most common mistakes done by beginners, since pressing the right keys is pretty easy compared to a smooth mouse-aim curve.

-> Note: A Prestrafe without Airstrafes is way more effective than Airstrafes without a Prestrafe!

3. Bhop

Bhopping is probably the most important technique in Kreedz, every successful jumper is able to perform powerful and fast bhops. You need to have good bhop skills to beat bhop maps or to get fast times on normal climbmaps by doing several jumps in a bhop combo.

Bhopping is way more than just some consecutive jumps without stopping: You gotta perform several consecutive airstrafes while bhopping to gain speed, otherwise you are just going to get slower and slower until you stop.

-> Note: If your bhops are performed perfectly (duck-standup bhops) it might be slightly faster if you keep bhopping after a combo even on plain ground, which is the reason why you see some of the pros bhopping short distances of normal ground (f.e. a bridge) instead of doing the normal fastrun. Another advantage is, that you can avoid the negative effect of the edgefriction, the slowdown you are facing if you are moving towards an abyss (see highjump/countjump), by bhopping.

-> Note: As mentioned in the tutorial video, it's highly recommended to bind "+jump" to your mousewheel to perform the bhops (bind "mwheelup" "+jump" f.e.), because it's nearly impossible to hit the perfect moment of the landing to jump again with a key of your keyboard for more than 5 or 6 times in a row. Let the mousewheel take care of this for you Smile

4.Duckstandup Bhops

For a very long time world records only included the normal bhop we learnt about in the last chapter. However, a new technique - which works like an extension of the normal bhopping - was found pretty soon: the duckstandup bhop. Nowadays it is a very popular and well known technique and got quite famous within the community, because it's simply way more powerful than a normal bhop.

-> Note: If you want to learn duckstandup bhops, in the following text referred as "standup bhops" (since it's obvious that you have to be ducked in order to stand up), you should practice normal bhops before. The normal bhop technique is needed as basic before you start learning standup bhops.

If you've already learned how to perform normal bhops, you are ready to learn the very useful and powerful standup technique:

Standupbhops are basically the same as normal bhops. You are jumping immediately after touching the ground. The difference compared to a normal bhop that a duck is performed within the jump: You have to duck some moments before you would touch the ground, which means the moment when you should be pressing your duck key is whilst you are flying through the air! Then you gotta release the duck key nearly a few (!) moments before you would be touching the ground. When you release the key, your model "stands up" and then you have to jump at pretty much the same time. That means your model is "standing up" whilst you are jumping. The consequence is going to be a small boost!

Make sure you've read this part carefully and that you understood the sentence about how the things should be timed . If you release your duck key and press jump at the very same moment, you will stop immediately!

-> Tip by chrizZo: Finding out when the right moment is, is a matter of timing. Practicing is the key to find out the right timing!

Standup bhops are very useful. There are certain advantages you can use: After performing a standup bhop, you are flying higher (vertical height). Some blocks are not reachable with a normal bhop, but they are with a standup bhop! The boost of a standup bhop is especially used in situations where the player has a lower speed. You can use it to accelerate very fast!

-> Tip by chrizZo: Notice that you are usually slower with performing standup bhops only! Often a mixture between standup and normal bhops is the fastest way you can move forward by bhopping!

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MuDaK (01-22-2017)
01-21-2017, 11:51 PM
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RE: Want to bhop ? take a look
Nice Thread Smile
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Kaito#KiD (01-22-2017)
01-22-2017, 12:50 AM
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RE: Want to bhop ? take a look
Nice 3
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Kaito#KiD (01-22-2017)
01-22-2017, 05:08 AM
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RE: Want to bhop ? take a look
This helpful for newbie
Thank you

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01-23-2017, 06:59 PM
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RE: Want to bhop ? take a look
thx all Big Grin

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