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Live time!! 9.00PM

We have successfully moved to a new more powerful hosting platform

Your client should patch automatically or you can simply redownload the client if you have any issues.

New donation system!!!! Don't worry, the server is still completly free!!

Option One : Donate to NFO to help pay the running costs, this donate can only be used for this and is provided by our hosting partner

Option Two : Donate to our GoFundMe page and request a new feature or update! The whole server will then benefit from your genorosity!

Or simply carry on playing and having fun, remember its just a game!

ABOUT Dragon Conquer
Dragon Conquer is a Classic Conquer Online server, but with a few twists

We are of the opinion that the game was ruined shortly after all of the new equipment and classes were added by TQ, therefore you will find that Dragon Conquer have developed a server, and a community that promises the following.

  • No new classes, Warriors, Taos, Trojans and Archers only. Max +12 Gears!
  • No BattlePower, Talismans, Mounts, Fans, Towers etc. Max 2nd reborn.
  • We do not and will not EVER implement the lottery system.

We can boast the following few features from a VERY long list. 

  • Conquer 3.0 HD maps. 
  • Tons of new and unique garments. 
  • A full arena system, with rankings, halos and rewards. 
  • Solo and Team PK events. 
  • Super Guild War Every Month with Winners gaining access to the GUILD HALL!
  • Classic Guild War, gates, bombs....the way it should be! 
  • Guild Hall, offering huge benefits to the last Super Monthly Guild War winning guild. 

There really is much more, please come and see for yourself.

A new Player has joined!
Welcome Galadriel to the server.
Mon Oct 15 6:33 PM

ChuckBass Broadcast
'Buy Armor Tro 2 socket , Sell Neck 1 socket lvl 82'
Mon Oct 15 6:27 PM

Aegyssus Broadcast
'+1 BS,+2 EARS AND OTHER +1 SHOP 97'
Mon Oct 15 6:26 PM